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1st-Nov-2011 08:42 pm(no subject)
Sooooooo DDL is in my town right now (Richmond, VA), shooting for an upcoming Spielberg project about Abraham Lincoln. I know which hotel he's staying at and my boyfriend is taking me there for my birthday on Thursday!!!!!!!!

Ok, community, back to being dead.
14th-Aug-2010 06:04 pm - New movie?
IU Avocado
 Hey, I'm quite new to LJ but I thought "Why not share this wonderful beacon of hope with fellow admirers of the one and only DDL?" and so I wanted to inform you about an interesting piece of information that I found on Wikipedia.

At first, I had just searched for new Scorsese movies. While doing that, I read this:

"In May 2007, American film director Martin Scorsese announced his intention to shoot a film based on the book ["Silence" by Shusaku Endo] in summer 2008.On 2 February 2009 it was announced in Empireonline.com that Daniel Day-Lewis and Benicio del Toro have been signed to star in Scorsese's film adaptation. The Internet Movie Database states the expected U.S. release date as 2013."

source: read here for further information on the content of the book

I know, I know - nothing is for sure but: How awesome does that sound!? Scorsese, Daniel AND Benicio del Toro in one project?

I'm exited. x]
19th-Mar-2010 06:50 pm(no subject)
Zappa 1
First post of 2010, woo! :] How I miss the golden era of this comm...
29th-Nov-2009 01:14 am - Picspam: The 2007 Oscars in FYC Ads
(film) moonrise

2007 Oscars in For Your Consideration Ads

(Click Image Above) @ breakattiffanys
20th-Nov-2009 06:37 pm - New Nine Trailer
Thiel solo
Here's a new trailer for Nine.


The site also includes links to some promo stills.

Is anyone familiar with the original film / musical? Is the song in the trailer taken from them or is it new? I'm afraid I don't like it very much, but looking at the lovely pics, I think I'll suffer through it. :)
16th-Nov-2009 05:16 pm - OPRAH PROMO!
clearly an awesome couple
DDL and the cast of Nine (including beautiful Marion!) are gonna be on Oprah this Wed!! Here's a promo I found...

This shit better be on YouTube so I can actually watch it!
(film) moonrise

The Cast

Images from official trailer and rehearsal footage

(click the title to see)
28th-May-2009 04:05 pm - Looking for DDL image
Baby Got Back
Mods, if this isn't allowed, kick my ass outta here...

If it's cool, then I'd like to ask if anyone has an image of DDL with a goatee? Crazy Victorian mustaches need not apply. Specifically looking for a goatee but I haven't found a pic of him ever having rocked one.

21st-May-2009 12:57 am - Nine Icons
Thiel solo
Photobucket Photobucket

I posted nine (obviously) icons over at my LJ.
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