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Sooooooo DDL is in my town right now (Richmond, VA), shooting for an upcoming Spielberg project about Abraham Lincoln. I know which hotel he's staying at and my boyfriend is taking me there for my birthday on Thursday!!!!!!!!

Ok, community, back to being dead.
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New movie?

 Hey, I'm quite new to LJ but I thought "Why not share this wonderful beacon of hope with fellow admirers of the one and only DDL?" and so I wanted to inform you about an interesting piece of information that I found on Wikipedia.

At first, I had just searched for new Scorsese movies. While doing that, I read this:

"In May 2007, American film director Martin Scorsese announced his intention to shoot a film based on the book ["Silence" by Shusaku Endo] in summer 2008.On 2 February 2009 it was announced in that Daniel Day-Lewis and Benicio del Toro have been signed to star in Scorsese's film adaptation. The Internet Movie Database states the expected U.S. release date as 2013."

source: read here for further information on the content of the book

I know, I know - nothing is for sure but: How awesome does that sound!? Scorsese, Daniel AND Benicio del Toro in one project?

I'm exited. x]
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Looking for DDL image

Mods, if this isn't allowed, kick my ass outta here...

If it's cool, then I'd like to ask if anyone has an image of DDL with a goatee? Crazy Victorian mustaches need not apply. Specifically looking for a goatee but I haven't found a pic of him ever having rocked one.

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